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Canada Post strike

In the event of a Canada Post strike we will need to communicate with producers about the new VBP+ program by phone and by email. If you are an already registered producer, would you take the time to send us your email in case we don't already have it so we can update our records? If you have filled out the form on our website to receive renewals by email, we have your email. If not, you can just send an email to with your name so we can capture the email address. Thanks in advance.

All About the Audit

As a producer, either cow/calf or feedlot, being concerned about Food Safety is important to our industry. Important for the producer is that consumers and buyers know that you are concerned about Food Safety and that is where the audit comes in.  Increasingly, the market will be looking for suppliers who can demonstrate the same vigilance.

There are two different types of audits. The medicated feed audit has a cost of $850.00 and is mostly for feedlots. The other type of audit is the non-medicated feed audit. It has a cost of $500.00 and is used mainly for cow/calf operations.  The main differences between the two audits is the time length of time the audit takes. 

The best part of it all, is an audit is easy! If you have the required amount of records conforming to the VBP program (see implementation or pre-registration phase) then you can apply to have an audit. What you need to do is to contact the Provincial Coordinator. They will help you go through a checklist of "Must Do's" and if all are satisfied that the records are in place, then an audit will be scheduled. 

A third-party auditor, hired by the Provincial Delivery agent, ABQSH, and trained by the National VBP program, will come to your operation. The audit is essentially a check on how a beef cattle operation is applying the VBP program. It is a review of records and observations used to determine if a beef cattle operation is meeting the minimum requirements of the program. All our auditors follow a bio-security protocol to prevent any contamination. After the audit, they submit a report to the Provincial Coordinator who passes the registration along to the National Program. It is just that simple, you are now verified or registered on a national Verified Beef Production program. 

To maintain registration, a producer or feedlot operation submits either a sample of records or a self-declaration checklist every year to the Provincial Delivery Agent, ABQSH. The VBP coordinator will review and provide an indication that program requirements have been met. The sequence occurs once annually and then in the ninth year, a full audit is required and the cycle continues.