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Fast Facts....

Who is Alberta Beef Quality Starts Here?

 A not for profit entity representing almost every sector of the beef industry in Alberta.  For a complete listing of members please see the Board of Directors section of the website.The on-farm program we deliver is:  Verified Beef Production. The program is voluntary. The program is delivered in Alberta through: Alberta Beef Quality Starts Here. The national on-farm food safety program is:  Verified Beef Production. Safety standards for beef production are based on, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), which is an internationally recognized preventive risk management process to reduce potential food safety risks. The program goal is to produce safe, wholesome, in-demand beef. The ABQSH mission is to serve Alberta’s beef cattle producers by delivering the national, HACCP based, beef on-farm food safety program.

Why beef? 

All major national livestock, poultry and general farm organizations have set up or are setting up similar safe food programs.

What are the issues? 

Safe food production on farms across Canada is one issue.  The public’s concern that their food is safe is the second major issue.

What kinds of safety procedures are beef producers being asked to implement?

Safe cattle injections, safe handling procedures to reduce on-farm worker injuries and waiting times after injections are a few of the areas covered.

 How does ABQSH know that the program requirements for certification are being implemented on farm?

Producers who complete program requirements are audited by an independent, qualified auditor.

Does that mean that non-certified farms produce unsafe beef?

Not at all. Beef producers are concerned about safety and many already have procedures in place. VBP certification takes implementation of safety procedures to a new level.

Canada Post strike

In the event of a Canada Post strike we will need to communicate with producers about the new VBP+ program by phone and by email. If you are an already registered producer, would you take the time to send us your email in case we don't already have it so we can update our records? If you have filled out the form on our website to receive renewals by email, we have your email. If not, you can just send an email to with your name so we can capture the email address. Thanks in advance.

If you are wondering, chances are good, somebody else has already asked.....

FAQ about Growing Forward 2 Funding

Q: I need a new squeeze chute. How do I access the Growing Forward 2 Funding in Alberta?

A: Funding for equipment such as cattle squeeze chutes with neck extenders, individual animal weigh systems, medical treatment software programs, electric animal thermometers or funds towards being audited on the program, is available through the Growing Forward 2 Food Systems Safety Producer Program grant ( In order to qualify for this grant, Alberta producers need to be "enrolled" in the Verified Beef Production program. This means that you have taken the On-Farm Food Safety training through VBP, either by online workshop or in-person workshop. Check out our Training page for available training options. (Click here

Q: Do I have to be audited to access the Growing Forward 2 Funding?

A: No, producers only have to be enrolled on the program to have access to the funding. If you have taken a workshop in the past and are wondering if you are enrolled in the program, please give us a call and we can look you up. Remember that if you have taken the On-Farm Food Safety training and found that you already have implemented the Standard Operating Procedures necessary to become registered on the program, the Growing Forward 2 Food Safety Systems Producer program will cover 70% of the audit cost ($500) under the program. Click here to find out more information on becoming fully registered on the VBP program. 

Q:  Why is the VBP program worth my time?

A: The VBP program is about more than just on-farm food safety. It's about bringing Canada's beef operations in line with new marketplace expectations, to support producer and industry success now and in the future.

This is why for the large and growing number of Canadian beef producers who participate in the VBP program, the time spent to attend a workshop and meet the requirements of the program is viewed not as a cost but as an important investment.

Canada's beef producers already have a reputation for acting responsibly, but VBP takes that to a new level.By providing the latest knowledge to assess and improve on-farm food safety, the program helps producers keep up to date with best practices. These are designed to not only ensure on-farm food safety but to also support improved efficiency.

Providing a trusted, recognized process to verify good on-farm food safety practices, the program also gives producers an increasingly critical "stamp of approval" in the marketplace. This conveys a preferred status on producer operations and products, to improve standing with both direct customers and end users.

This status is increasingly important around the world to meet evolving regulatory and consumer expectations, as food safety continues to grow as a public priority and a major factor in consumer buying decisions. This is reflected by the many on-farm food safety management programs now implemented in different sectors of food production in Canada and major food production countries around the world.

The bottom line is that by participating in the VBP program, Canada's beef producers make an investment that pays off in stronger competitiveness for their operations and their industry, both in the short term and long term. For many beef producers, that investment is considered time well spent.