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Canada Post strike

In the event of a Canada Post strike we will need to communicate with producers about the new VBP+ program by phone and by email. If you are an already registered producer, would you take the time to send us your email in case we don't already have it so we can update our records? If you have filled out the form on our website to receive renewals by email, we have your email. If not, you can just send an email to with your name so we can capture the email address. Thanks in advance.

Program Resources

Link to Compendium of Veterinary Products

Producer Manual

Program Checklist (2 pages)

Group Animal Health Treatment Record   PDF | Word | Excel

Individual Animal Health Treatment Record  PDF | Word | Excel

Simple Shipping Record  PDF | Word 

Shipping Record (Sold-Purchased-Died) Record  Word | Excel

Medicated Feed & Water Record PDF | Word | Excel

Herbicide & Pesticide Use Record PDF | Word | Excel

Broken Needle Record PDF | Word 

Good Production Practices for Controlling Feed Quality Manual (98 pages)

Proper Cattle Injections Poster

Biosecurity Information Sheet

Cattle Medicine Responsible Use Course